Anna Jauhola
Blog & Writing Solutions
for Floatation Entrepreneurs
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  Running a business is stressful enough without worrying about your online presence. I can help you reach your audience through helpful, insightful and entertaining blog posts about your float spa.


That's right! The work you hire me to do is an investment.
What I charge is worth the money, because I provide in-depth
blog posts that inform, inspire and entertain your clients.

What do I charge?
For the in-depth type of writing I provide, my fee is $40 per hour
In our initial conversation, we will discuss time needed for research, interviews and writing for a each piece.

Be aware, that each piece is unique and the time needed to create it will vary.
However, YOU DECIDE YOUR BUDGET and I can make it work.

My research and interviews are solid, double- and triple-checked for accuracy, spelling and grammar. My work reinforces the integrity and importance your business offers to your clients. It not only depends on professional resources, but on interviews with REAL PEOPLE.

That's right, I do not regurgitate information from other

articles. I  give you ORIGINAL content.

I work with you to identify people to interview to give a local, regional, state,
national or world twist to your articles and blog posts.

Ready to work with me? I'm ready to work with you!

Contact me to get started.

Provide a brief synopsis of what you hope to accomplish with articles and/or blog posts, and we can begin discussing how to enhance your site.